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Are you looking for a residential construction company that you can trust to give you the dream home you have always wanted? Look no further than Windle Design & Construction. As the leading residential design and construction firm in Merion, PA, we are proud to be able to offer a full range of new construction services that make it easy for homeowners to improve and transform their homes. 

From home remodeling and basement finishing to home additions and outdoor living spaces, our team of top-notch designers, general contractors, and craftsmen is well-equipped to bring your vision to life, no matter what future projects you have in mind. So, do not let yourself be content with a home that is anything less than perfect. Call Windle Design & Construction and get your next project started today.

Why Choose Windle Design & Construction For Your Next Project

We know that we are not the only residential construction company in Merion, PA, but we are confident that we are the best. We have been transforming homes in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, and in that time, we have changed the lives of countless clients by transforming their homes into beautiful, comfortable, and functional living spaces that they can enjoy. 

Our team of talented designers and craftsmen is passionate about what they do and is dedicated to providing innovative designs and high-quality work that exceeds expectations every time. However, we also know that this is only part of the equation. 

Communication is key to the success of any home remodel or new construction project, and we will spend the time to get to know you, your home, and your ideas, and then use that to come up with a custom design that addresses all your needs and preferences. With Windle Design & Construction, you will know that we will not just make your vision a reality, but you will be well-informed and listened to throughout the entire project.

Whether you are looking to make major renovations or want to build something completely new, you can always trust Windle Design & Construction to get the job done right.

Our Proven Design and Construction Process 

No matter how big or small your project is, we stick to our proven design and construction process that ensures every project we undertake is a success. 

The first step is always the introductory call. During this step, we will talk to you about all the basics of your project, including what ideas you have, as well as what sort of timeline and budget you have in mind. 

During this call, we will also set up an in-home consultation, which is the second step of our process. During this step, we will come to your home and discuss more of the specific details of the project and take pictures and measurements that will be essential to the next step, which is the initial design process. 

Once we have used all this information to create our 3D-rendered design model, we will present it to you and discuss anything that you might want to change, as well as any final details like materials, colors, and finishes that will be used. 

Upon your approval, our team will start working their magic to bring our design to life. During this step, we will keep you well-informed about anything and everything you might need to know along the way. Then, once completed, we will give you your warranty packet and be on our way so you can start enjoying your new living space as soon as possible.

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Our Comprehensive Residential Construction Services

We offer a wide range of residential construction services to meet the needs of our various clients. Whether you just want to remodel your dining room or family room or want to add a completely new living space to your home, we have you covered. Here are some of our most popular services. 

Home Remodeling

Here at Windle Design & Construction, home remodeling projects are our bread and butter. We have completed countless remodeling projects all over Montgomery County and the surrounding areas, becoming well-known for our innovative interior design philosophy and high-quality craftsmanship. 

From open and spacious new kitchens to luxury bathrooms and everything in between, you can count on us to transform any room in your house into a more comfortable, functional, and visually appealing living space.

Basement Finishing

Do you have an unfinished basement that you have always wanted to do more with? We also specialize in basement finishing and can turn otherwise cold and damp basements into vibrant and fun living spaces that you, your family, and friends can enjoy for years to come.

Unfinished basements are packed full of potential, and we have done everything from basement apartments, game rooms, home theaters, basement bars, and more. No matter what vision you have for your basement, you can trust us to make it your new favorite room in the house. 

Custom Home Building and Additions

Looking to expand your home? We have recently expanded into offering custom home and addition building services. Just like with our home remodeling projects, we will sit down with you to get to know you and your vision and then come up with a design plan that meets all your needs and stylistic preferences and adheres to all local building codes and zoning regulations. With Windle Design & Construction, you will have a new, bigger home in no time. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you want reasons to spend more time outside? We can build you a new, beautiful outdoor living space that you, your family, and your guests just will not be able to get enough of. From outdoor kitchens and barbeques to patios, lounge areas, water features, and more, we are always ready to help you get the outdoor space you have dreamed of.

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Contact Windle Design & Construction Today

Are you ready to get your next project started? Give us a call. Our team is always here and happy to discuss potential projects, answer your questions, and tell you more about how we can make your dream home a reality. We will even offer you a free estimate so you know exactly how much your project will cost beforehand. So, do not trust your home with anyone but the best. Call Windle Design & Construction and get your next home remodel or construction project started today!

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