Windle Design & Construction General FAQ's

Our team of highly trained designers, estimators and project managers have a passion for innovative designs and high-quality work, making our design-build approach guaranteed to successfully turn our clients dreams into a reality from initial project conception to completion.

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Windle Design and Construction offers an array of professional home remodeling services including kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, finished basement remodels, stucco remediation and custom whole-home additions and renovations.

our design build team in west chester can help with bath remodels, a kitchen remodel, or any other job within your budget

Whether you are looking to do a kitchen renovation, or a custom whole-home remodeling project, many people often do not realize the number of decisions that need to take place regarding the floorplan, designs, and materials. This can be a big undertaking as most general contractors can have a limited involvement.

Windle Design & Construction streamlines the process of your home remodel by being the single point of contact through the entire process. Having a dedicated project designer to guide you through the selection making process is a fun and intentional way for our clients to have control over their project, without the added stress. Taking away the logistics of coordinating and communicating with tradespeople when under construction is another key way having a design-build firm makes for a comprehensive and positive experience through all phases of the project.

nearly half of our home renovation contracts are in west chester, our designers can help bring ideas to life in our homeowners space

Our 5-step design-build process gives our clients a simple and stress-free home remodeling experience.

We are successful because our team is thoughtful and intentional during all phases of our process beginning with our initial consultations, moving through our full-service design phase, and following through with our production preparations to ensure a smooth construction phase.

the costs of a project depends on the style of the building or house, from the floors to the cabinets. the design choices can impact how much money the renovation will cost.

Undergoing construction can be overwhelming, but our team is prepared and equipped to guide you through your home remodel with as much ease as possible. Whether moving out, or living through the construction, we believe communication is key and will always ensure clear expectations and timelines, as well as a comprehensive construction schedule with daily progress updates.

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The amount of time a home remodeling project takes will vary depending on the project type, size and scope. However, our design-build process saves time under construction because all the design details and production elements are intentionally thought out and planned for at the beginning.

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