Stucco Remediation 

Don’t let poor craftsmanship ruin your most important financial asset. Windle Design & Construction are stucco remediation specialists.

what is stucco remediation?

Stucco failure is a major issue. Unfortunately, many homes built in the last 20-30 years in this area require stucco remediation to resolve all the damage behind the stucco. Often, it is a requirement that it be remediated before a home can be sold. It is not a matter of if, but when, due to the way stucco was installed on many homes over the last 30 years. Finding an excellent residential construction contractor who can assess your stucco is essential.

If you notice any black streaks, cracks, or gaps on the surface, especially around the windows and doors, these are great indicators that your stucco is failing, and you need a stucco remediation specialist.

Along with poor stucco applications, inadequate sealing around windows, doors, and surface joints can allow water to penetrate the wall system, causing that material to fail over time.

what our stucco remediation process looks like:

  1. Our third-party agency completes a thorough inspection of your home
  2. We assess any and all damage present behind the stucco surface
  3. We provide you with a detailed proposal along with design elements to update the exterior facade of your home.

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